Monday, April 30, 2012

Waiting Room

Hellllo Monday! Time to start another week of classes, work, and appointments plus spring cleaning and organizing. Sounds exciting, huh?

Yesterday at church, my pastor, Steven Furtick, preached one of the best sermons I've ever heard him give. While we are currently in the middle of a series titled Waiting Room, Pastor Steven's message was all about the question, 'What are we waiting for?'

So often we wait for the Lord to provide us with something that we have asked Him for. Peace. Understanding. Forgiveness. Happiness. But the stripped down reality is that He has already given us all of these things and we are too busy standing to the side with our arms crossed, unwilling to look around and see them. Everything we need, we already have. But the real question is will we unfold our arms and be open to see the blessings that He has already provided for us? Will we walk in the gifts we already have?

Don't ask the Lord for joy, be joyful. Don't ask the Lord for happiness, be happy. It's not about the Lord providing, it's about walking in what he's already given us. We are waiting for an invitation when the party has already started.

It's time to get moving. Instead of us waiting on the Lord, He is waiting on us to get moving in the direction He has called us to. If you're waiting on the Lord, you're going in the wrong direction.

This message hit me hard. Right in the heart and gut hard. I get caught up in the daily routine of my to-do lists and waiting on the Lord to provide things that when I stop and look around, I already have. So starting today, I have decided to pray that God brings awareness to the blessings in my life and get moving to bring Him glory. Stop waiting and start doing.

If you would like to watch this particular message, you can do so here. I think these 45 minutes could change your life. I know it did for me.

Cheers!  xx

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend! After a busy week on the road visiting family, I'm thoroughly excited about a couple days to lounge around in sweats at home. Laundry and cleaning must be done but reading magazines and eating ginger snaps are occupying my Saturday afternoon. There is always tomorrow to get everything done, right?

Here are my favorite links from the week...
This 'weekend coffee run' outfit post. Can Blaire's closet become mine?
These positive instructions for life. Such a wonderful reminder from Kym.
I came across these confetti sprinkled linen napkins. Future project, for sure.

Cheers!  xx

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Blink of an Eye

As of yesterday at 8:30 pm, our hockey season was over. Just like that. All of the hard work and hours at the rink ended with disappointment on the last day of the regular season. Compared to a year ago, when the guys went to the conference finals and the last game came at the end of May, the summer has started a lot earlier. I really don't think it has set in just yet.

But I want to remember this season .. the good times along with the bad. The moments where much joy was spread across those who needed it. The friendships made along the way. This seven month journey really went by in a blink of an eye.

Here are two of my favorite moments of the year:

Teddy Bear Toss

Wheels for Forest

So now it is time to enjoy the summer. Spend time with family and friends. Attend weddings, birthday parties, and celebrations. Cross things off my ever growing to-do list. And most importantly, smile and love often.  xx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Weekend

My schedule has been jam-packed lately {hence my absence from the blogging world} but starting this week, I will be back with some new posts. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, full of much relaxation and many smiles!  xx