Monday, July 11, 2011

High Five

1. How weird is it that my Dad and one of my best friends have the same birthday? Yep, July 5th is always a big one on my calendar. However it is very challenging when you want to be in two places at once. I've yet to figure out the best system of how to spend time with both of them. For the last couple of years, I have used the every-other-year technique ... one year I'm with my Dad and family, the next I'm with my dear friend. Anyone have suggestions on how to make it work better?

2. When shopping for the aforementioned birthdays, I did a phenomenal job of shopping for myself. It never fails ... finding stuff that I want is not nearly as hard as finding stuff for people I care about. Why is this the case? Maybe it's because I try to be perfectionist and make each gift one-of-a-kind. Who really knows but I guess I'll chalk it up as this girl loves to shop!

3. Two of my most recent purchases are an adorable brown and white print maxi dress and another Tervis Tumbler to add to my kitchen collection. First, I have always wanted a maxi dress ... but when you are only an inch over 5' the challenge is a bit steep. A lucky day came my way and I found an inexpensive piece {hello, $27.99} from my beloved Target. Can't wait to wear it during a relaxing weekend. Second, when can a girl go wrong with another Tervis Tumbler? If you do not own one of these drinking cups, please put it on your next shopping list. They are beyond wonderful and keep your drink cold or hot no matter what the outside temperature. A-maz-ing if you ask me.

4. I have been trying to be very smart with my fashion purchases lately. Believe me, it is very tough. {Remember, I love to shop.} So instead of buying, I look through magazines and catalogs and create wish lists. It actually is very helpful because by the time you get around to allowing yourself to make another purchase, your want for the item might be gone. And if it isn't, that means you will definitely wear it ... a lot. My current wish list is basically the entire J Crew catalog. Ah, back to making that wish list and saving the bank account.

5. Rain and thunderstorms have become an everyday occurrence this past week. Honestly, I don't mind it ... especially when it lowers the temperature {Praise the Lord.} But my favorite part after a thunderstorm has rolled on through is to find the rainbow. Rainbows have such a biblical meaning and every time I see one, I remember the beauty God created and the promises He made. As one of my favorite quotes says ... "To see the rainbow, you must put up with the rain."

What randomness have you been up to lately?

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