Saturday, June 4, 2011

High Five

1. Well, my slow start to blogging happened. I had great intentions of consistently posting but life caught up and took over. Guess that happens when you have a busy schedule, huh?

2. Life is officially crazy most days. With a little over one year left to receive a college degree, I decided to take three online classes to ease my load during the upcoming semesters. However, mix in two part-time jobs in the public relations world and most days there just isn't enough hours in the day. Even on those days, I'm beyond blessed.

3. Mother Nature clearly has been causing havoc for many across the US lately. It seems every week I hear about a tornado devastating another town. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. Let's not forget about these people a month from now when a better 'story' comes along.

4. I love hockey ... and that still might be an understatement. This past January my love for a sport I grew up watching was rekindled. So, with the Stanley Cup Finals underway, it is clear that I must multi-task when the games are being played. One day, I will attend a NHL Finals game. Go ahead and add it to my bucket list. {ps: I will blog about hockey on another day}

5. Magazines are a weakness of mine. Any magazines, really ... fashion, house decorating, sports, health, cooking. You name it and I probably have read it at some point. I don't care to admit how many subscriptions come to my house every month. However, I do need to find a few spare moments to read the ones I have piled up.

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